Decathlon Lab Singapore

Decathlon Lab Singapore

French sporting goods retailer Decathlon has opened its fourth and largest store in Singapore on the 19th of January, at the Stadium Boulevard (just outside Mountbatten MRT station).

They have done so in partnership with SportSG, who owns the land, in a bid to make sports more accessible to the public as well as to promote sports, health, and wellness to all. Opened 24 hours and named as ‘Decathlon Lab Singapore’, their latest store uses technology and innovation to the maximum to bring about the most immersive and compelling sporting goods shopping experience to everyone. 

Imagine walking into Ikea and finding all the furniture are not furniture but a whole range of sporting goods ranging from bicycles, running shoes, surfboards and even camping tents. This is what Decathlon Lab Singapore offers, and more. At 5,000 square meters, the newest installation features various interactive sports zones for shoppers to test out their equipment, with the skate arena for testing of scooters and skateboards, demarcated area for cycling, and sports cages for anyone to test out their football skills, basketball skills or archery precision. The compound also holds an Active Health Lab from its partnership with SportSG, where shoppers can get a free health assessment, or attend pop-up clinics and other events that are scheduled to happen.  

If customers are looking for shoes, they can rely on foot scans to help them identify the most suitable pair and proceed to test them out on the multi-terrain ramps for actual comfort. This perhaps, encapsulates how technology and innovation are combined to create the best experience at Decathlon Lab. Unconvinced shoppers can simply scan any product (befitted with RFID tag) and its information and customer reviews will appear on the screen. 

Even the checkout process is fully automated, with the self-checkout counters obviating the need for long queues with ease in scanning and purchasing the items on your own. The entire store is conceptualized in such a way that prioritizes shoppers’ participation and experience, employing technology to provide the best services to its consumers, truly a one of a kind shopping experience for sports people. 

Judging by the review of their latest store opening in Singapore thus far, it is little surprise that Decathlon is a fast-growing brand name.

Innovation, affordability, authenticity, quality control and sustainability are the key traits that set this French sporting goods retailer apart from the market. The company prides itself on how it manages the whole production process, managing its own design, production, logistics, and distribution. Notably, it has the third largest Research and Development facility in France, with more than 3,000 prototypes made a year. Its worldwide network of scientific laboratories, research organizations, universities, and industrial partners means that product quality is always checked and tested before being mass produced, whilst R&D is always carried out to look into the needs of sports people.

The prices for its products are affordable ($7 for goggles, $20 trekking gear, $30 for a tent, $50 for winter jackets), which is the selling point primarily to Singaporeans. This low price is partially due to its abstinence from celebrity endorsements, whilst its managing of the entire production process has also helped to streamline costs effectively. 

If all the aforementioned were not wholesome enough, the company is big on the drive for sustainability as well, pledging to cut its product-related impact on the environment by 20% per year. Its design team is looking into ways of using more eco-friendly materials, such as committing to the use of only sustainably produced cotton by 2020. The company has also made a commitment to improve the work conditions of its subcontractors and carry out the inspection of subcontractors’ water management to ensure clean water and sanitation is observed. With such a wholesome company image, Decathlon’s brand name is set to get bigger and bigger both on our local shores and worldwide in times to come. 

 The Decathlon Singapore Lab is at 230 Stadium Blvd, Singapore 397799

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