Adventurous Date Ideas for the Singaporean Couple

Adventurous Date Ideas for the Singaporean Couple

Singaporeans are constantly glued to their phones – be it in the bus, at the office, during a meal, in the movie theatre, you name it. Also, the number of millenials picking up sports are drastically reducing. It would be a fresh new experience for couples to enjoy the sunlight over the weekend instead of the usual ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Here are some date ideas for the phone obsessed couples to get their adrenaline going.

SuperPark @ Suntec City

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By far one of the best locations for a sweaty date, SuperPark is a Finnish company that aims to bring fun to people regardless of age and sex. Featuring over 20 different stations in their indoor adventure park, it is 40,000 sq feet of plain ecstasy. From arcade-like basketball stations and a robot goalkeeper arena, test out your skills from the hours spent on FIFA and NBA Live. Does it translate to actual skill?

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Also, there is an parkour area and a trampoline section where you can try out every single WWE move ever learnt there. The multi-sport park offers several time slots, and it may be pricey, but it’s likely you and your partner will lose half the calories from the buffet you had before.

Bicycle Adventure @ Coney Island

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You’ve seen the romantic montages in movies – a couple cycling, laughing and beaming with joy. They go to a secluded spot and hold each other tightly as they gaze upon the setting sun over the sea. This is precisely what you’ll be getting out of this date. You and your partner could rent a bike or even walk along the Punggol Park Connector towards Coney Island, which is free for all to enter. It’s a small island that can be explored in less than an hour or so, and it’s got an incredibly stunning view of the sunrise.

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If not, you can go there to enjoy the undisturbed nature and go for a bite or a drink afterwards at the nearby food places. It’s also a great choice if you’re on a budget and looking for the best bang for your buck.

Hiking @ Pulau Ubin

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$3 there, $3 back – that’s all it cost for a good time. Wildlife lovers will enjoy this quaint little island that is teeming with animals and greenery. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot crocodiles basking on the riverbanks. Just be sure not to become its afternoon snack! In addition to the footpaths which you could follow, there are other activities like cycling and kayaking that you could do with your partner.

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Apart from nature, it also houses the few remaining kampongs that still exist in Singapore which may give you a glimpse into what Singapore was like back in the good old days. Whether you’re hoping to work up a sweat or want to take pictures and relish the moment together with your lovely date, this place is a great choice.

Singapore’s Animal Farms

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Singapore may be an urbanised city, but it retains its rural roots with many animal farms still in existence. If you (or more importantly, your date) love animals, this would be a worthwhile trip. There is a goat farm called, ‘Hay Dairies’ which is located in Kranji. Though the location is a bit ulu, you’ll have a good time feeding and petting the cute goats or even trying their milk. But if goats aren’t your cup of tea (or milk rather), there is a crocodile farm that’s not too far away at Neo Tiew. You can’t just walk in and take a gander, but you can sign up for ‘Uncle William’s Crocodile Farmtrail’ and get exclusive access to 13,000 amphibious reptiles’ home. You may even get a chance to hold some baby crocodiles. The trip to the northwest cluster of farms may be a long one, but it gives you enough time to get to know each other better.

Bungy Jumping @ Sentosa

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Now, if you or your partner have a heart condition, a terrible fear of heights or value your life too much, this is not a date choice you guys should pick. But, if you feel that life can be a thousand more times exciting, perhaps this is the one that will blow you away. Sentosa’s AJ Hackett Bungy Jump offers you a chance to fall from a great height of 47 metres, which is much higher than it sounds. You and your partner can participate in this extreme version of a trust fall to try something that will get you guys away from the mundane routines of life. It may cost a pretty penny (about $159 to be exact) but it’s definitely something to experience at least once in your life. Related image

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Sentosa Island offers plenty of other activities like the Adventure Cove water-park and the Skyline Luge, in the event this extreme sport is not your thing.



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If you’re not already climbing all over each other, then you could spend a day rock-climbing at any of the rock-climbing parks in Singapore. They are usually quite cheap, and you don’t need to have any expertise in rock-climbing to do so. It’s also an excellent workout for the upper body if you and your partner are looking to strengthen your torsos.

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You and your date could break a sweat or try something new with rock-climbing. Climb Central at Kallang Mall has a fully air conditioned area in the middle of the mall plus the advanced safety measure makes it a solid controlled environment.

 Ghost Hunting @ Haw Par Villa 

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Halloween Horror Nights not scary enough for you? Then bring it to the next level by going ghost hunting in one of the most reportedly haunted spots in Singapore – Haw Par Villa. The establishment was turned into a park, and thousands of figurines were added to depict ancient Chinese folklore including the infamous ‘10 Courts of Hell’. The unique nature of some of these statues may be something that piques you and your partner’s interest. It’s good that the park is open until 10 pm as it is more likely that you’ll be able to find ghosts. As such, this date idea would be a fun little supernatural escapade for the both of you. Even if you get scared out of your wits, it’ll be nice when your partner comes over to you for comfort.

Go Kart!

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Go Karting is a popular date choice now considering how many millenials own a car and frankly, Mario Kart can only do so much. This combines the elements of fun and competitiveness, and a little bit of friendly competition with your date couldn’t hurt.

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There are a few tracks you could pick from, and the prices vary depending on the track you decide to go to. Though it’ll cost a bit more than your average dinner, it’s more exciting to actually sit in the car and pretend that you’re an F1 driver.

Running a Marathon Together

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This is perfect if you guys are a couple of fitness freaks or want to do something sporty together. You don’t have to win the marathon, but you could simply enjoy each other’s company as you jog side by side, supporting and encouraging one another if the other gets tired. Most of these marathons don’t cost too much to participate in. Every year, there is the Standard Chartered marathon or the Colour Run, which is far more amusing considering that there’ll be people throwing paint at you throughout the route. Whatever it is, it’s something new and getting the blood pumping may also be a good way to stay healthy together. A healthy couple = A healthy relationship!

 Tree Top Course

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Bedok Reservoir Park houses Singapore’s biggest tree top course that allows you to go through a variety of high element activities. They also have ziplines that fly over the reservoir, or ‘flying foxes’ as they are commonly known, that would remind you of your childhood. The price is quite reasonable with the usual price being $50 per person for a standard package. If your date is scared of heights, then it’s perfect as you could guide him or her through the course and they’ll love you even more. If they need assurance, you can tell them that the course has safety gear and procedures in place that will prevent anyone from getting hurt. If they’re brave enough to face their fear of heights for you, then you’ll know that they’re keepers!

Trampoline Park

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Jumping on the bed as a kid is now possible even in adulthood. You and your date could unleash your inner child at Bounce Singapore, the most famous trampoline park in the country. They’ve got a free jumping area, a basketball dunking area, a rock-climbing area and even a dodgeball arena! If that doesn’t sound like fun, then there must be something very wrong with you. It is decently priced as well with deals ranging online from $25 to $40 per ticket.

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You and your partner could have a fantastic time together at this place, and it’ll be just like those romcoms where the girl and boy fall for each other after a day of messing about. Be prepared to fall in love and all over the place at the trampoline park.

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