Top Energy Drinks for the Active Sports Person

Top Energy Drinks for the Active Sports Person

Whether you’re enduring the scorching Singapore heat or curling iron in your regular local gym, a cold and effective sports drink might do the trick in helping to keep one replenished or hydrated to push through and embrace the last stretch before the next grueling session.

A wide selection of sports drinks made available in every store, there are many different types of sports drinks that cater to and benefit different needs and preferences. However, sports drinks under the isotonic category are known to be the best and ideal products to quench thirst and provide energy to the body for endurance sports.

An isotonic sports drink is one that contains fluid and up to 8% of carbs (ideally glucose) and electrolytes. During medium to high-intensity exercise, your body uses carbohydrates for the energy you need to sustain the rigour. Carbohydrates as well as electrolytes together, help enhance your hydration and maintain endurance performance. Thus, maintaining the levels of these two elements is key to a stronger resistance to dehydration under such excruciatingly unbearable heat and sessions.

Isotonic drinks contain a similar concentration of water, sugar, and salt in the average human body, meaning that they replenish anything that was lost in sweat.  Drinking these isotonic drinks also provide important electrolytes and carbohydrates which help to maintain energy levels throughout their activities. These are best to be used during and after a workout, or high intensity sports.



Nothing beats Gatorade. They might be right. Known to be one of the pioneers of sports drinks, Gatorade is the go-to sports drink to rely on.

Created in the summer of 1965 by a football coach at the University of Florida, this thirst-quenching drink was made with athletes in mind to help them replenish and recover after a tough workout. The formula is simple—it has electrolytes and carbohydrate base which is needed to replenish what is lost after sweating in the heat, and a sweet flavor to entice you to drink.

While it is marketed as a sports drink, it is also drank leisurely by both adults and kids. As such, the price is affordable and is available anywhere and everywhere. Found in almost any supermarket, it is usually retailing at SGD1.50.


100PLUS Active Replenish

Sticking to your native roots. 100PLUS: the go-to local brand that every Singapore would be familiar with. Continuously upgrading and launching variations of their isotonic drink, the 100PLUS Active Replenish product was their latest to the line-up.

With B Vitamins (B3, B6 & B12), the non-Carbonated 100PLUS ACTIVE is specially designed to facilitate energy production, as well as to aid in after-sports recovery.

Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 all contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. In addition, Vitamin B3 helps to release energy from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, while Vitamin B6 is important for the production of energy. Both Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of red blood cells. Simple carbohydrates, such as glucose and sucrose, which is available in 100PLUS, provides an immediate source of energy for an active lifestyle. It also contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium that helps the body absorb and retain water effectively.

At any supermarket outlet, inclusive of the online mart RedMart, a 300 milliliters can costs only SGD0.80 while a 500 milliliters and 1.5 liters bottle are retailed at SGD1.20 and SGD1.90 respectively.



Accelerate with Accelerade. This a non-carbonated sports drink made by Pacific Health Laboratories. It is one of few sports drinks which utilizes protein in order to speed up recovery and improve hydration rates.

It contains whey protein concentrate that prevents muscle breakdown and promotes recovery, short-acting high-glycemic carbohydrates for fast energy source as well as, electrolyte minerals that can rehydrate more effectively than water.

Available in three flavors: orange, fruit punch, and lemon-lime, the powder drink supports endurance during an intensive workout, reduces fatigue and muscle cramp and replenishes glycogen for muscle strength recovery and repair.

Available in any GNC outlet, it retails at SGD69.95 for 30 servings sizes.

Aquarius Isotonic Drink

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Japan’s number one sports drink as well as an official partner with the Olympics, Aquarius is known broadly as a reliable isotonic go-to. Moreover, in Latin, “Aqua” means water or liquid, which is a perfect representation of what Aquarius provides to the dehydrated.

Aquarius believes that you play and perform at your best when you’re fully hydrated. With ingredients like electrolytes, vitamin B5 and guarana, Aquarius helps you play on.

Electrolytes boost rehydration at a faster speed than water. Vitamin B5 is one of the most important vitamins for human life. It’s necessary for making blood cells, and it helps you convert the food you eat into energy to stretch the long haul of strenuous activities. Guarana, which is most commonly used as a stimulant, contains about twice the caffeine of the coffee bean. It also contains theobromine and theophylline, other stimulants that affect the central nervous system and enhances endurance performance for athletes or everyday life.

Available at every retail store and market outlet, it retails at a good SGD1.80 for 1.5 liters.


Lucozade Sports Isotonic Electrolyte Bottle Drink

Hydrate. Fuel. Restore.

Ranked number one in the UK, Lucozade is a carbohydrate and electrolyte isotonic blend specifically designed to enhance hydration and fuel performance. Still format, for ease of consumption and digestion during sport or exercise and flavored to hit the senses and stimulate thirst receptors to aid hydration.

The non-carbonated drink is Halal certified.

Available in four different types of flavors, only the orange one is available in Singapore’s retail stores. It costs SGD1.40 for a4 50 milliliters bottle.

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