Adidas COPA70

Adidas COPA70

To kick off 70 years of history-making, Adidas commemorates their involvement with football by unveiling the exclusive COPA70 cleats. Paying homage to the classic silhouette of COPA that was first made in 1982, this modern twist celebrates the past and the present, and its a representative of the evolution by Adidas.

Based on the original COPA, this new re-edition shares the same nostalgic silhouette but with Primeknit used on the outside of the boot. Staying in style with the modern use of Primeknit, the material is symbolic of Adidas’ modernity today while the vintage use of leather as lining is representative of the early beginnings of Adidas football boots.

Striking red studs have been included as a reference to the look which was developed in the 1970s. An original bluebird logo on the tongue of the boot and shoe is another throwback to the iconic classic.

Sold in special packaging, avid Adidas enthusiasts have a special choice of either the modern style short laces or the more retro long laces. With two colors up for grabs, buyers can choose between a sleek classic black or trendy white pair.

COPA70 Trainer Edition

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Image by Adidas

Want it for the field or streets? Can’t decide? As the impossible is nothing, the new COPA70 comes in a firm ground (FG) boot version and two trainer editions.

Adidas is all in for COPA70 this anniversary, and so should you.

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