Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX

Image by Golf Digest

Titleist’s flagship Pro V1 and Pro V1x franchise has dominated the golf ball industry since its introduction in the early millennium. It is hard to dethrone arguably the number one ball on the professional tour, and for the Acushnet company to release a ball of the same hemisphere must have caught the golfing community by surprise

Titleist released the Titleist AVX. The AVX, which is also a high-end multilayer urethane cover ball is by no means a brand new design, as a comprehensive test market was conducted in the United States from October 2017 to January 2018, and received numerous validation from golfers, which prompted the brand to fully manufacture it.

Featuring a multi-component construction, the AVX is dedicated to players seeking for penetrating flight, distance, low long-game and iron spin but exceptional soft feel for their short game.

A high speed, low compression core is used for maximum distance while retaining the softness around the greens. The newly developed high flex casing layer enhances speed and controls spin to promote even greater distance. The proprietary GRN41 thermoset cast urethane elastomer cover provides delicate feel around the greens and longer durability off mishits. The unique 352 tetrahedral catenary dimple pattern helps to deliver a more penetrating flight and lower aerodynamics as compared to its sister models.

Essentially, the AVX is for the golfer seeking for lower flight, lower spin, significant distance while still maintaining the premium short game feel of the Pro V1 series.

With a price range almost parallel to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, the AVX is the new kid on the block you definitely want to be friends with.

The AVX is available in white and high-optic yellow.

Available at all authorised Titleist retailers.


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