Honma T//World TW747 MetalWoods

Honma T//World TW747 MetalWoods

Now with the current number-one ranked Justin Rose on their roster, Honma is targeting elite players and the Japanese brand is about to remove the stigma of just being luxury club-makers.

The golf manufacturer’s exciting 2019 T//World TW747 range introduces to the world their latest innovation – P-SAT or Precision Spine Alignment Technology, and it will be available on every club for this range. This development is rather a precision manufacturing process that exemplifies their attention to detail. When shafts are manufactured, the carbon sheet which overlaps at the final wrap will be thicker at one section, which has been coined the ‘spine’. Alignment of the spine is set to 6 o’clock on all clubs for maximum consistency as well as product integrity.

The TW747 driver is the flagship model of this series and it comes in two sizes – 460 and 455. It focuses on three primary features which pushes the driver to its limits on higher speed, trajectory, and lower spin.

On the face, is the 4-fang technology. Fang-like ribs are placed in four places on the face to enhance stiffness. The result is an increase in elasticity of the club face over a wider surface area, which translate into higher velocity during impact – like a spring effect.

Honma also boasts the world’s thinnest carbon crown on their club head. Aside from it being light, it also features a ribbed design which internally increases strength and creates deflections.

Finally, the adjustability. Two interchangeable weights are available on the head (9g and 2g), for the golfer to have the option for higher or lower tee shots and centre of gravity. Their non-rotating shaft system allows golfers to make micro adjustments to the lie, loft and face angle without removing or rotating the shaft.

The 460 model has a deep face with shallow back and full sized at 460cc for ultimate forgiveness. This model is designed for generally most golfers who strive for improved launch and carry.

The 455 model is a more traditional shape preferred by elite players and features a deeper back design compared to the 460, along with just one weight screw away from the heel section on the sole. The weight screw is placed away from the hosel allows for the most effective adjustment of overall moment of inertia. The 455 is designed to produce a more penetrating trajectory and workability.

Both drivers come with Honma’s in-house VIZARD for TW747 shafts. There other options are the VIZARD FD shaft (50 to 80g range). It is an active tip high launch shaft and the VIZARD FP shaft (50 to 80g range) which is a low torque shaft.

The TW747 fairways are designed to provide golfers with a high trajectory and maximum distance. A 9g outer weight combined with an inner 20g weight creates a low and deep center of gravity that promotes a higher launch without sacrificing their distance. It comes in four models Р3, 5, 7 and 3HL for higher launch with the distance of a 3 wood.

The Honma T//World TW747 series is available at all Pan-West outlets.


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