A.I. in Golf Clubs, Is it Possible?

A.I. in Golf Clubs, Is it Possible?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) , or Machine Learning, is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction, according to WhatIs.com.

Sci-fi aficionados would’ve figured this out eons ago and soon, the world will have nothing for us, mankind, to do.

But hey, in the meantime, before the end of the world, why not take advantage of computer science and earn a few extra bucks off your buddies on the golf course?

Ely leading the (Calla)way

Golf nuts out there will already know that Callaway Golf is the first golf equipment manufacturer in the world to release a series of drivers and woods built by A.I. earlier this year. Heck, they probably already have it in their bags now.

But few may know that this major golf company spent US$5 million on a super computer to do so; and its only job? To design the club face of the Epic Flash series of clubs.

They call this proprietary tech, ‘Flash Face’.

Flash Face

To make Flash Face, the engineers at Carlsbad had no idea what to expect when they put the super computer through its paces. This is after all, artificial intelligence at work and the science behind what goes through the ‘mind’ of such a powerful machine is still a study in its infant stages.

But there is one important thing that the human must do here, and it is to key in the parameters by which the computer must work with, and that is mainly COR, or Coefficient of Restitution.

As any golf nerd will tell you that the COR of a club face reflects its ability to compress the golf ball and release it into the sky.

But the USGA has governed that the maximum allowable COR is to be limited to 0.83 and below. Anything higher would simply render the club illegal in competition.

And so, what they really needed to do – not to oversimplify matters – was to key in that magic number – 0.83 – and watch in wonderment as a futuristic, yet-to-be sentient being starts finding and failing and finding again and failing again, 15,000 cycles in all, to discover the absolute optimum, thinnest, infinitesimally finest margin between legal and illegal.

This is why the Epic Flash series of golfing hardware is indisputably the world’s fastest and longest hitting set of clubs.

When first looked upon, there isn’t much that differentiates a Flash Face from a regular X Face construction, by which traditional club heads are made from.

But when examined under computer-aided optics, you will notice a series of random thick and thin swirls that when compared to a conventionally-designed X Face, is glaringly different with its symmetrical built and thick middle section behind the club face.

The ebb and flow of an A.I. created Flash Face.

The head is forged from within and then milled on the front in order to get the thickness as close to the legal limit as it possibly can.

Some might term it, ‘Barely Legal’.

The Final Piece

The numbers are telling. The company states that they are now the “Number One Driver Across The Major Tours” and includes the PGA, LPGA, European and Champions tours. In that regard, they are also the driver with the most wins worldwide.

The fairway woods were released at the same time earlier in February. Now, there’s just one little club that could, left. And it’s coming to you soon.


Tune in to Transview Singapore on September 9, 3:30pm to 5:30pm to find out what the final piece of Callaway Epic Flash, A.I. engineered equipment is and the chance to win one!

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