Top 10: Football Jerseys That Redefined Pitch Fashion

Top 10: Football Jerseys That Redefined Pitch Fashion

Football jerseys never fail to divide fan-bases around the world. But beyond regular season kits for club football, there have also been many inspired creations from national football kits to goalkeeper jerseys across various eras. Here, we bring you our top 10 picks for the most unique football jerseys of all time. 

10. 2018 Nigeria World Cup Home Jersey 

Image result for nigeria home kitImage by NIKE

With three million pre-orders prior to its release, it became the most fashionable national football jersey of the 2018 World Cup. Nike took inspiration from the jerseys worn by the Nigerians back in 1995 and 1996 for this retro design. The recolored badge was also a tribute to the crest worn by the gold medal winning team in the 1996 Olympics when Nigeria became the first African country to win gold at an Olympic football event. 


9. 2009/2010 Getafe CF Home Jersey 

Image result for getafe burger kingImage by Unknown

Back when Burger King sponsored Getafe CF of the La Liga, they decided to print their King’s face on the flip side such that when a player celebrates his goal by pulling the shirt over his head, he will be essentially wearing a mask of the Burger King himself.


8. 2014/2015 Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa Home Jersey 

Image result for Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa Home JerseyImage by Hummel

The Spanish third division side unveiled this tuxedo-inspired kit in July 2014, capped off with a neat bowtie, with the colors inverted for the goalkeeper’s jersey. They may not have the money to buy players, but they sure did buy some class with this design. 


7. 2012/2013 Reggina Derby Jerseys 

Image result for Reggina derby kitImage by Bleacher Report

Then Italian side produced these one-off home and away kits to be worn for their derby matches against Crotone in the 2012/2013 Serie B season. Spotting a chiseled, well-built torso akin to those of ancient Greek statues, the attempted intimidation did not work as both the derbies ended in draws.


62016 CD Palencia Play-Off Jersey 

Image result for 6.2016 CD Palencia Play-Off JerseyImage by Segunda Division B

Spanish lower division sides seem to have a knack for pushing the boundaries of football jersey designs. In 2016, fourth division side CD Palencia, in partnership with Kappa, released the flesh inspired jersey, which just about flips the human body inside out. 

5. 2010 TSV 1860 Munich 150th Anniversary Reversible Jersey 

Image by Football Shirt Culture

The current German 3rd Division side 1860 Munich is known for releasing unique themed kits at the start of Oktoberfests, however, this reversible jersey released in commemoration of the club’s 150th anniversary in 2010 tops their designs. Spotting green and yellow stripes on one side, the reverse is a collage showing the greatest players and moments from the club’s history. 

4. 1999/2000 Shimizu S-Pulse Home Jersey 

Image result for 1999/2000 Shimizu S-Pulse Home JerseyImage by Todo Sobre Camisetas

The Japanese side, with Puma, released this orange ‘Camo’ print jersey for the 1999/2000 seasons, topped off with the globe-shaped world map. The distinctively bright design coincided with the club’s ‘Golden Era’ as it won the Asian Cup Winners’ Cup in 2000. 

3. 2004 Athletic Bilbao UEFA Cup Jersey 

Image result for 2004 Athletic Bilbao UEFA Cup JerseyImage by Athletic Bilbao

Local Basque artist Dario Urzay created this design for Athletic Bilbao’s Centenary (100th Anniversary) in 2004. The design was supposed to evoke a blood splatter but very much looks like an explosion of strawberry flavor. Unfortunately, Bilbao was eaten up by Austria Wien in the first knockout stage of the competition. 

2. 2003/2004 Atletico Madrid ‘Spiderman 2’ Away Jersey 

Image result for atletico spidermanImage by The Sun

Atletico Madrid signed a sponsorship deal with Columbia pictures in 2003, which allowed them to change a sponsor every time a new movie came out, resulting in a whole host of different jerseys in 2003 and 2004. The most iconic of the lot is definitely this 2004 navy away jersey that featured a massive spider web, promoting the film ‘Spider-Man 2’. 


1. Jorge Campos 1994 World Cup Jersey 

Image result for Jorge Campos 1994 World Cup JerseyImage by Billy Stickland

Remembered as one of Mexico’s finest goalkeepers and an eccentric one at that, he was also well known for his flashy self designed kits. This 1994 kit tops our list, as it became iconic having debuted in Mexico’s group stage draw with Italy in the 1994 World Cup. The neon colors contrasting with the deep purple and opposing triangles just makes it visible from a mile away. 

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