UFC 239: Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes retain title, Ben Askren knocked-out in five seconds

UFC 239: Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes retain title, Ben Askren knocked-out in five seconds

Jon Jones proves his return to the Octagon was no fluke after an adversarial win against Thiago Santos.

Santos played the game well and was quick to react to Jones’ patented low kicks. He dealt out serious damage to the American’s calves and thighs, to the extent that Jones was assisted to the back after the main event match.

This was actually the first time, Jones went the distance on a cliffhanger. The only person in the past decade who had really taken Jones all the way in the same manner – was Alexander Gustafsson in 2013.

Ultimately, the judges decided in the favour of Jones (25-1-0) who narrowly edged out Santos (21-7-0), with some intelligent fighting for his third consecutive win.

This fight against Santos was his first ever win on a split decision.

Jones capitalised on his technical and juking abilities to overcome the 35-year-old Brazilian who was competing in his first UFC title fight and eventually came out still holding the title.

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Jones was his usual dominating self

Having defended his light heavyweight title, Jones said after the closely contended fight, “I felt like I was winning. There was no need to go for a show, we were playing a very high-level chess match in there.”

In the co-main event, Amanda Nunes (18-4-0) was truly unstoppable against Holly Holm (12-5-0) in this Bantamweight title fight.

Nunes gave Holm a taste of her own medicine by knocking her out at 4:10 in the first round with one of Holm’s very own signature head kicks followed by a flurry of punches to end the fight. It marked the first knockout of Holm’s career but it was just another title retained for the Brazilian champion.

Nunes commented on the finishing move that she used against her opponent, “I knew I was going to get her with her own kick. I told my coach I wanted to knock her out the same way she likes to knock people out and then I did it tonight.”

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Nunes again proved why she is the best in the business

With her Bantamweight title now secured, the next step for her would be to head back into the featherweight division to defend her belt.

History was made in the UFC when Jorge Masvidal (34-13-0) concluded the fight with his opponent, the ‘formerly-undefeated’ Ben Askren (19-1-0), in just five seconds.

Prior to the fight, the cocky Askren posted a video online of himself trash talking Masvidal which only motivated him to take revenge on the American for having such a big mouth. The fight ended almost as immediately as it began.

Wasting no time, Masvidal sprinted across the cage straight to Askren and gave him a flying knee to the head rendering him unconscious almost instantly, a move which he attributes to his “animal instincts”. He managed to land two more punches on Askren before the referee called the end of the fight.

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Masvidal has bad blood with Askren

It was clear from his reaction that he was revelling in Askren’s defeat as Mosvidal began mocking him by pretending to get knocked out in his celebration. Askren,  on the other hand, wallowed in disappointment as he was sent to the hospital following his knockout and he posted on Twitter.

For the most part, Mosvidal may get a shot at the Welterweight title after an impressive performance in the shortest bout in UFC history.

However, the light heavyweight division match carried on as Jan Blachowicz (24-8-0) defeated Luke Rockhold (16-5-0) in the second round. with a series of strong left hooks.

In the first round after managing to fend off grappling attempts from Rockhold, the Polish fighter sent a strong kick to his head to unsettle his opponent which proved to be the downfall of the American as he was clearly still rattled going into the second round. A sick and literal jaw-breaking punch from Blachowicz effectively ended the night for Rockhold.

“I think Luke Rockhold should talk about hanging it up,” Dana White said at the UFC 239 post-fight press conference. “He broke his jaw tonight. So that’s the second broken jaw. He’s been knocked out viciously a few times here. Shin is all banged up. He had to skin graph and all kinds of stuff.

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Rockhold has lost 3 of his last 4 matches

“He’s had a good career. He’s been a great fighter. I’d like to see him hang it up.”

Blachowicz has still ways to go before contending against Jon Jones, and is currently ranked sixth in the light-heavyweight division.

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