Trevor Ariza heads to the Washington Wizards

Trevor Ariza heads to the Washington Wizards

Trevor Ariza has officially signed for the Wizards, a familiar team as he was with them two seasons prior to the four seasons at the Houston Rockets.

Wizards’ Head coach Scott Brooks placed faith in this trade, in hopes that veteran player Ariza would turn over the Wizards’ lacking performance on court by improving team chemistry.

A well-known reputation for winning an NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009 as well as being a prolific defender, the 33-year-old forward is traded in place of young-blood Kelly Oubre Jr. and Austin Rivers. Rivers has also been released by the Phoenix Suns as they believe he fits better with a veteran team that’s pursuing the playoffs, instead of a rebuild.

At first glance, an experienced championship player may appear to help distill the tension and low morale energy alongside filling up the cracks and holes of the team that may be preventing the Wizards from moving out of their stagnant position in the league. However, this may only be a face-value solution rather than addressing the root cause. The problem still centres around the chemistry among starting players John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. With Ariza forced into the picture, the issue may not necessarily be able to drastically change the team’s performance in due time especially with Ariza’s position being only temporal.

Wizards’ desperate attempt to rectify their lackluster under-performance may also have overlooked Ariza’s age, which is quite past his prime with little potential of significant game growth and speed as seen in his diminishing game statistics over the seasons. As compared to the young players that were traded away, Oubre Jr’s gradual improving performance and young age gives room for greater potential in the future for more seasons to come.

Ariza is finally back to a playoff contender, while Oubre Jr could very well be an integral piece of the Suns rebuild alongside DeAndre Ayton and Devin Booker.

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