BREAKING: Anthony Davis request transfer

BREAKING: Anthony Davis request transfer

It’s time for the New Orleans Pelicans to fear the Brow as the All-Star player had decided not to sign a five-year $240 million “supermax” contract extension. Requesting for a trade, Anthony Davis seemed to be headstrong in sealing an end to his long-term commitment with the Pelicans even after discussing with teammates prior to his final decision.

The Pelicans are taking Davis’s requests as well as trade offers into account but have stated that the deal will not be confirmed prior to the NBA trade deadline (7th February) unless they’re offered an overwhelming package for the franchise’s star.

“We will do this on our terms and our deadline,” the Pelicans declared.

Davis had spoken with Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry, clarifying with him that he will continue to play the rest of the season once he recovers from his finger injury.

In the event of a successful trade deal, Davis will be a free agent in the 2020 summer. Many big hungry teams are already placing their bets and offers into this possibility, in hopes of acquiring the starlet into their line-up. The Los Angeles Lakers have their eyes set on him as the perfect complement to King LeBron James on the court.

“Anthony wants to be traded to a team that allows him a chance to win consistently and compete for a championship,” Davis’s agent, Rich Paul explained.

“Anthony wanted to be honest and clear with his intentions and that’s the reason for informing them of this decision now. That’s in the best interests of both Anthony’s and the organization’s future.”

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